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Holistic coaching

Holistic coaching:

In coaching, to move toward balance and wellness we take a holistic approach --
the interconnectedness of the mind, body, spirit, and heart. To help clients achieve this, we use assessment tools and ask powerful questions to understand where they currently are, and then provide strategies and practices to help them take steps to move forward and reach their goals.

The benefits of greater balance:

*   Deep breathing is the easiest way to relax the mind and your nervous system.
     Even a few minutes of breathing slows down your system which reduces stress
     and creates calm. 

*   Shifting your awareness through mindfulness:  guided meditations, breathing           
techniques, walking, as well as focusing techniques will support you to be more
     grounded and calmer. 

*   Moving the body creates momentum. Whatever way you choose -- stretching,
     walking, hiking, biking. Any movement will create energy, improve focus,
     enhance your mood and is one essential part to greater balance.

*   What lights you up? What are you passionate about? Creating space for this and
     taking steps to act on nurturing your spirit is invaluable. Doing something that
     sparks you builds joy, happy and a stronger connection to self.

Take action to support your wellness and reach your goals.

Greater balance and sustained wellness support all areas of your life. Gaining knowledge, tools, and understanding of your patterns and then creating new
practices to support your whole-person wellness is powerful in reaching your goals.

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Outdoor Meditation
Balancing Rocks
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