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Creativity coaching

Creativity Coaching

Creativity coaching is all about unlocking creative potential and revamping clients' approaches to persistent obstacles. There are many creative outlets someone can tap into such as drawing, painting, dance, yoga, and journaling. When you do creativity coaching sessions in Maryland, DC, or Virginia or virtually with Soul Sky Coaching, you will choose what medium you would like to try or expand on what you already do.

Our creativity coaching sessions

Every creativity coaching session is with Allyson Ger, a professional-award winning artist who holds certifications in life coaching, yoga, mindfulness, and mental health first aid. As an expert creative, she is always creating and sharing new modalities to help clients gain a greater understanding of themselves and experience joy. Typically, our in-person or virtual creativity coaching sessions run for 45 minutes but can be longer if the client wants more time

The benefits of creativity coaching sessions include:

  • Activating right-brain thinking

The left side of the brain is associated with language, logic, and analysis, while the right side is associated with creativity and intuition. When channeling your creativity and intuition, you can focus on details and the whole view, which allows you to see many perspectives.

  • Gaining new insights into who you are

Tapping into your creative side allows you to explore your identity and authentic self through artistic modalities.

  • Expanding your ability to problem-solve

Engaging in creativity coaching sessions instills a growth mindset, enhances adaptability, improves communication, sharpens leadership skills, and bolsters productivity.

  • Improving your mental and physical health

Research shows that behaving creatively is associated with increased positive emotions, decreased stress and depressive symptoms, and even an improved immune system.

  • Doing something new to create change

Doing something new helps build flexible thinking. When you engage in a new experience, the brain is likely to release dopamine, which improves your mood.

Why us for creativity coaching

Clients in our DC, Maryland, and Virginia or virtual creativity coaching sessions enjoy the process. They report that it brings them deeper insights and offers new ways to reach their goals and learn. Every creativity coaching session is personalized, with clients having the opportunity to pick the creative modality to focus on. 


You’ll get the opportunity to work one-on-one with Allyson Ger, who has experience in all the modalities offered from a teaching and performing perspective. Her upbeat energy, passion, knowledge, and empathy make her fun and easy to work with.

Expand yourself through creativity

The creative arts are a way to discover parts of yourself and practice shifting your mindset. You will have the opportunity to discover new parts of yourself. Contact us today to book an in-person or virtual creativity coaching session and begin channeling your creativity into positive change. 



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