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SHOUT OUT to All Creatives!

Updated: Feb 18

In the many twists and turns of my life path, the journey has uncovered many layers and

insights for me. One of the most empowering discoveries that I claimed was that ALL of ME

is WELCOME, all parts- the quirky, energetic, critical, outspoken, kind, sweet. Sharing all of

yourself is brave and courageous. Vulnerability is strength. How self-affirming, inclusive,

powerful, beautiful. It changed my life.

We are all a mix of many layers and parts. I’ve found that many of my favorite people in my

life is a mix of many wonderful qualities. They may talk too loudly, get excited about ideas,

share their unique points of view or ways of being in the world. Many have more ideas than they will ever complete in many lifetimes. I call this a creative mindset. What I mean by this

is that they are open to try new things, take chances, dare to express themselves, in

all their beauty in the world.

These creative types have heard people tell them they are too sensitive or have others

shush them when they raise their voices. When they express themselves, they may

choose meandering words that paint a picture of an idea to make their point. They may

be misunderstood at times. Through my coaching and teaching as well as working with Alzheimer patients, one of the gifts I received was that there are many ways to communicate — holding someone’s hand, smiling, dancing, through colors or playing music. And, lucky for all of us, we are all different. Without differences, life would be gray and boring.

Years ago, in my process of exploring becoming a coach, I was encouraged to pick a niche,

decide on who I wanted to coach, who my ideal clients are. And I realized… It’s YOU!!

I’m here to give a SHOUT OUT to ALL the CREATIVES, to all of you who know that coloring

inside the lines isn’t the only way to express yourself. To knowing that a beautiful dance can

move the audience; To knowing that live music can connect people, make them sing together and bring them to tears. To those of you that choose words that evoke emotions and tell stories. And, to the visual artists who use colors to inspire imagination and wonder. Thank you all for sharing your passion. I totally get you. I appreciate you. I understand you and know you. And, I want to say… (make up your own dance here, play your favorite song, whatever puts you in a fun, party, happy mood) You all are amazing! The world needs you.

You may wonder how you can do all the things you want in your life your way, on your terms,

and be successful, whatever success means to you — finishing a project, writing a song,

making money, whatever lights you up.

One way to tap into your power is through calming, quieting, fine tuning from the inside out.

There are many ways to do this. Through meditation, writing, colors, images, movement.

These ideas are a great place to begin your journey. How do I know? Because this has been my journey. Trying and doing new things, sharing emotions, my way of seeing the world through my artwork. And, along with self- expression, my most powerful, growth experiences, have been through collaborating with others - working with coaches,

co-leading dance classes, playing music with a band. These experiences with others

expand you — offering new perspectives, creating new ideas together.

One of my passions is supporting creatives to discover their vision and live it more fully. You don’t have to do this alone. You can have a partner with you. I’ll bring my creativity and training in mindfulness and movement to your sessions. I am grounded and can quickly spark energy to guide and support you to create what you want in your life. These sessions are more than talk, they are interactive. We can hike, walk, paint, journal, your choice. Let’s start from where you are comfortable and create a plan to reach your goals. Now, go do something you love. The world needs you. And remember, ALL of YOU is WELCOME.

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