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Live your vision

Live your vision

Expand yourself through coaching 

and create change for greater

wellness & fulfillment.

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Allyson Ger

Meet your coach

Welcome!  I'm so glad you are here. I'm a curious, creative, people

person who sees the joy, fun and possibilities in life.  I'm fascinated by people's stories and what threads connect us.

As a certified life coach and professional artist and performer, creative expression and collaborating with others is what I am passionate about.

Through my experience coaching and working with individuals and groups,

I have a natural ability to connect with diverse populations. Along with my experience, I am intuitive and creative and know there are many ways to communicate beyond words.


Wellness and the mind, body, spirit, heart connection as well as spiritual beliefs have supported me in my personal and professional journey.


How my story supports you . . .

In creating change, you are choosing to live life differently.
My expertise as a creative, multidisciplinary artist and facilitator with many modalities to draw from will support you in doing something new. 

Time in nature and moving the body naturally calms, reduces
stress and restores balance. This connection led me to go deeper and become certified in yoga and mindfulness, which will support your coaching experience.

As a coach and educator, my style is collaborative and powerful, fused with positive energy. I bring this to your coaching as well

as wisdom, calm and presence in the moment -- to hold space for your deep emotions.



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Why Soul Sky Coaching

Why Soul Sky Coaching


Calm & connect
through nature

Being in the natural world is powerful in discovering parts of yourself and connecting to something greater.

Coaching in nature allows

you to calm and relax.

Moving the body naturally puts you in the present and is powerful.

Observing and reflecting in

nature provides us with opportunities to broaden our perspective.


Engage through
creative expression 


There are many ways to discover parts of yourself. 

As a professional, award-winning artist, and educator, engaging in creative expression taps into the right side of

the brain, the intuition.

Focusing on creative expression opens you to new insights
and experiences,

which is essential to

create change. 


Take steps to better

In finding your path to

wellness, we'll focus on 
mind, body, spirit and heart,

which are interconnected.

When one part is out of balance it affects the whole.

As a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor,
create a plan for you to reach greater balance and wellness which supports

all areas of your life.

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What clients are saying . . .

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Erica W.

“Coaching on the trail relaxed me. Being in nature put me in touch with what I love and gave me insights to move forward.”     

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“During my sessions, Allyson led me in meditation and movement which supported me to feel comfortable.”     

Frank R.

Val head shot_edited.jpg

Valerie F.

“I felt supported as I got

in touch with my emotions. This experience gave me confidence to take steps and create powerful changes in my life.”     

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Certifications &  Awards:

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