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What clients are saying . . . 
Frank head shot_edited_edited.jpg

Frank R.

"During my sessions, Allyson
led me in meditations and stretching which helped me feel comfortable talking about myself. The breathing and slowing down made it possible for me to discover new approaches to my relationships

Erica hiking_edited_edited.jpg

Erica W.

"Coaching in nature put me
back in touch with something
I love. Hiking on the trail relaxed
my mind and helped me see
my views in a new way.
This experience was powerful in moving me forward to 
reach my goals

Val head shot_edited_edited.jpg

Valerie F.

"I felt supported as I got in touch with what matters to me. I felt safe exploring new ideas and this gave me confidence to try new things and take action to create the changes
I want to
make in my life."

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