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About coaching:

1.   You are seen as creative and capable 
      of knowing what is right for you.


2.   Coaching is not therapy. Our focus is on        the present and and what you can do   
      right now.


3.   As your partner, I'll ask powerful    
questions to keep you focused on your
     values and where you want to go.

4.  Coaching is process-focused, an
     exploration and finding new perspectives,
     mindsets and approaches to create




How we move forward:

leaf mandala.jpg

1.   We'll begin with a conversation. Then you
     will experience a short coaching session.


2.  In your discovery session, we'll discuss
     your values, strengths, challenges and
     create a strategy to achieve your desired


3.  Each session will focus on a topic to
     explore. In between sessions you will take
     action steps toward reaching your goals.


We all have gifts to share. When we align our choices with our values, we open possibilities for greater fulfillment - individually and collaboratively.


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