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I'm a curious, creative, outdoors person who sees the joy and possibilities in life. I'm fascinated by people's stories and what threads connect us.


Art, music and movement has always been a part of my life.

Exploring and learning about different cultures, natural healing,
the connection between the mind, body, spirit, heart, as well as
my spiritual beliefs have supported me in my own personal and professional journey.

As a coach, educator, facilitator and creative, my life's work and passion is empowering others to discover their path and share their gifts to live a more fulfilling life.

How my story supports you

In creating change you are choosing to live life differently.  My expertise as a creative and performing artist with many modalities to draw from will support you in doing something new. 

Time in nature and moving the body calms the system, relieves stress and restores balance.
This whole person connectio
n led me to dive
deeper into the body and become
 certified in yoga and mindfulness, which will support your coaching experience.

Movement is essential in creating change. It increases energy, creates momentum and quiets the mind. Through this process you will gain clarity on your life purpose.

Coaching is a
whole person experience -mind. body, spirit, heart, connected.


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people walking on the trail

Coaching in nature quiets the mind and relaxes the body, which creates space to get new perspectives, which is powerful in creating change.

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